The 10 Excuses for Calling in Sick

The 10 Excuses for Calling in Sick

We have all done it. Well, maybe not ALL of us, but a lot of us have called in sick to work when we may not actually be lying in bed all day in our pajamas with a fever. (Beach day, anyone?)

What type of excuses have you given when you’ve called in sick? Here are some of the funniest and most ridiculous reasons we have found online per

  • I just put a casserole in the oven.
  • My plastic surgery needed some “tweaking” to get it just right.
  • I was sitting in the bathroom and my feet and legs fell asleep. When I stood, up I fell and broke my ankle.
  • I had been at the casino all weekend and still had money left to play with on Monday morning.
  • I woke up in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it.
  • I had a “lucky night” and didn’t know where I was.
  • I got stuck in the blood pressure machine at the grocery store and couldn’t get out.
  • I had a gall stone I wanted to heal holistically.
  • I caught my uniform on fire by putting it in the microwave to dry.
  • I accidentally got on a plane.

If you are under the weather, of course it is always a better idea to stay home and not spread your germs around the office. In fact, giving your health care provider a call to find out what’s wrong is the best idea. (Call your health insurance carrier to find a good doctor in your area if you do not already have one.) If you are just milking that slight cough for all it is worth, may we suggest coming up with a better excuse than the ones listed above?

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