10th Annual Social Service Breakfast Recap

10th Annual Social Service Breakfast Recap

On November 20th, 2019, Sava Insurance Group had the immense honor of presenting awards to all of the recipients at the 10th Annual Social Service Breakfast with The Chamber of Commerce Eastern Connecticut. It was a day filled with immense gratitude for our community. Each year, we are reminded of just how many selfless individuals we are blessed to have in this community. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with emotion when you’re surrounded by a room of over 200 individuals who are dedicating themselves to make our community stronger, safer, healthier, and happier.

It’s our honor every year to stand before this growing crowd and celebrate those who are doing the hard work in our community. On a day so close to Thanksgiving, we couldn’t help but feel overwhelming gratitude for each and every person in attendance.

Left to Right: Debbie Yother, Donna Yother, Paul Dagle, Ann Dagle, Debbie Kievits, Marylnn Benker, Kelly Thompson, Terry Friedman, GIRL POWER Joint Fundraiser, and Diana Buscetto.

This Years Award Recipients:

Staff Member of the Year: Marlynn Benker, Always Home

Volunteer of the Year: Terry Friedman, Madonna Place

Board Member of the Year: Debbie Kievits, TVCCA

Executive Director of the Year: Kelly Thompson, Alliance for Living

Collaboration of the Year: GIRL POWER Joint Fundraiser (Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts of Connecticut, S.T.E.P.S., Soroptimist Connecticut Shoreline)

Guided by Heart Award: Paul & Ann Dagle, Brian’s Healing Hearts and Brian Dagle Foundation

We were able to surprise Ann and Paul Dagle of Brian’s Healing Hearts and the Brian Dagle Foundation with the 2019 Guided by Heart Award. “The Brian Dagle Foundation — anchored in hope and empowered to support, is dedicated to the healing of grieving adults as well as community education on suicide prevention and awareness” is an organization incredibly worthy of our Guided by Heart Award, and there were few dry eyes in the audience when Ann and Paul received this well-deserved award.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Social Service Breakfast this year. At this time of the year, we’re faced with so much need in the community, but we’re also made aware of just how many blessings we have. Each and every person at the breakfast was a blessing to our community, and we were so glad to share the morning with you all.

If you want to learn more about The Social Service Breakfast and sign up to attend next year, click here. Thank you again to everyone at the breakfast and to the Chamber of Commerce Eastern Connecticut for a morning filled with gratitude.

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