11 Tips to Plan for The Upcoming Year

11 Tips to Plan for The Upcoming Year

For the most part, this year started out with set budgets, plans, and goals- both professional and personal. Then it all got shaken up, flipped upside down, ad our only plan became adapting as quickly as possible.

It is an understatement to say that this year has looked nothing like we thought it would. Next year may not either. That being said, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still plan for the year ahead.

Whether you are looking to advance your career, your team, or yourself, planning ahead will help you stay focused. We just need to acknowledge that our plans will have to accommodate for some uncertainty.

Take some time to read these tips about planning ahead for the year, to assure you can reach your goals.

Plan your professional and personal year separately

Even though it may be easier for you to plan for your career and personal lives together, don’t. Be sure to keep them separate.

your goals for these lives may be very different and they need to work in tandem with each other. otherwise, it may get overwhelming and you won’t be able to achieve as much as you had hoped to.

 Review the past year

Before you can plan for the year ahead, you need to review the year you just had.

Take a look at your victories, mistakes, experiences that you have grown from, skills you learned, and those that didn’t. What moved you forward? What held you back? Write down three large wins, important dates, and priorities. These are easy steps to set a foundation for your future detailed plan.

Make a plan for the year ahead

Think of exactly where you want to be at the end of that year. Then, plan the steps you need to take in order to get there.

Take into consideration of possible obstacles. You must always have a plan B and be ready for the things you don’t even know are coming. It wouldn’t hurt to have a general plan C.

Create your not-to-do list

This list not only helps you get rid of those tasks you do not want to do but also helps get rid of the ones that prevent you from greater productivity. This will help you be more efficient in achieving your goals by avoiding those bad tasks.

Establish a routine

Think about those tasks that reappear regularly and add them to your calendar on repeat for a whole year, so they become part of your schedule.

Think about those big events that happen quarterly and add them to your schedule. It will help plan for your weeks ahead and you will be able to avoid wasting time scrambling to get everything done.

Make sure to account for those tasks and goals you achieve to keep you on track.

Set time for yourself

Plan and book your holidays in advance. If you think you want to go away, put in your request as soon as you make a decision when. The stress and the burnout of continuously working aren’t good for you personally, nor does it increase your work productivity. Planning on time for yourself will make it easier to become a priority.

Work on a side project

Explore your passions by working with a side project. These help you learn new techniques and skills that you may not have learned otherwise. Encourage creativity, self-development, confidence, and training. These skills make not be developed in a typical everyday job but could benefit you.

Commit to celebrating the wins, no matter how small

No matter how much you plan for the year ahead, it is sure to surprise you one way or another. This is why it is important that when you reach a goal, you celebrate it and congratulate yourself.

Give yourself some space

Make sure to leave space for you. Life happens and things may not go exactly as planned in your head. You may find yourself getting overloaded so leave gaps of time in your schedule throughout the year in case something arises so you can decompress.

Adjust your attitude

Remind yourself every day that your attitude determines everything. Although life can be hard with things that happen, having a bad attitude won’t help. A good attitude will affect your approach towards people and the everyday tasks you meet.

Allow for flexibility

a plan for the year ahead is only as good as your ability to understand that things happen outside of your control. Even if you need to make some adjusting to your plan, it is okay.

Being prepared for the future only makes your life easier. Help yourself achieve the goals to help make you grow by planning ahead.

Happy New Year From Your Friends at Sava Insurance!

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