3 Signs You Need New Tires

3 Signs You Need New Tires

The engine may make your car go, but the tires that your car has is just as important. They are the pairs of shoes that shield your wheels and rims from the road.

Just like the way your shoes start to fall apart after significant use, your tires do the same thing. It is important to recognize the red flags with your tires so that you do not get into an accident. Here are warning signs you need new tires, as well as other tire maintenance tips.

  1. Tire cracks and wearing: Coming into contact with the road so much, there will be inevitable wear on your car’s tires. There is a point where it can be dangerous to drive on them. Check the depth of your tread – that should never be below 1/16 of an inch – and check for cracks and bulges where the rubber is starting to become dangerously unstable.
  2. Wiggles and swerves when driving: Tires is one of the more significant factors when it comes to the handling of automobiles. Your car should not be drifting on its own, and if it is starting to become difficult to control your car, you may want to get your tires checked. Over-shaking of your car could also mean that your need to be replaced, but be sure that your tires are in balance before you consider making the switch.
  3. Tracking tire-mileage: Tires will usually have a certain amount of miles attached to them; the more miles the tire manufacturer guarantees, the more expensive they tend to be. Make sure that you track the mileage yourself and know when the tires have reached its limits. You can certainly ride on tires past their suggested mileage, but it is always wiser to replace them when they have reached the end of their service life.
  • Lillian Schaeffer
    Posted at 17:36h, 05 January Reply

    You pointed out that cracks and bulges on your tires can indicate that they need to be replaced. When I was checking my tire pressure the other day, I noticed some small cracks on the side of the rubber. I’ve had this set for a while now, so perhaps it would be a good idea to have them replaced.

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