3 Tips for Creating a Strong Password

3 Tips for Creating a Strong Password

It seems like every time you log onto a website, it’s time to change the password. While it might feel like a royal pain, having a strong password and changing it frequently is the best way to combat identity theft, intrusions, and other problems associated with online use. Every website has its own requirements when it comes to creating and changing your password, so be sure to review each site’s policies before making your decision to use it.

In general, it is wise to make your password strong by using at least 8 characters that are not all alphabetic, numeric, or symbols. Interchange the different types of characters to make your password more indecipherable. We also suggest the following 3 tips to keep your passwords from being discovered by unwanted parties:

  1. Create an acronym from information that you are most likely to remember. For example, the phrase “our anniversary is December 24, 1998” can be changed inpassword phototo “OaiD 24, 98”. Yes, you can use spaces in your password!
  2. Use deliberate misspellings, numbers, and symbols in your password instead of letters or words in a phrase that you will remember. Using the same example from above, “our anniversary is December 24, 1998” could become “OurAmiversryIs12/24/9T8”
  3. Choose your favorite hobby and design a phrase around it. For example: “Tap dancing is fun” can be changed into “ILuv2T@pd@nce”.

Having a strong password is not the only protection you should have for your online experience. A computer security system like Norton or McAfee should be installed and used daily to run tests and scan everything you use. You can also have insurance protection for your personal and commercial online usage if you need it. Call us to find out what type of cyber protection is available for your home or business.

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