4 Health Hacks to Stay Healthy

4 Health Hacks to Stay Healthy

Once the cold bug hits your community, it might feel like forever until it is gone.  Everyone seems to come down with something or other from now until spring.  Keeping your family healthy might seem like an uphill battle, but it can be done!  There are many different health “hacks” you can try that can ward off illnesses and shorten the length of your symptoms once an illness takes hold.

  1. Have you heard of the cinnamon and honey trick? The method consists of mixing ½ tsp of cinnamon into 1 tsp warm raw honey and eating it once a day for three days at the first sign of a cold to help lessen your symptoms.
  2. Does your child suffer from earaches when they’re ill? Try filling a sock with kosher salt and a drop of your favorite soothing essential oil (like lavender) and warming it up in a warm pan. Make sure it is not too warm where it could burn your child.  Have him place the sock on his ear to relieve pain.
  3. Apple cider vinegar has been speculated to help relieve congestion. Drink about 10ml in the morning, afternoon and evening to see if it helps. You can also dilute it if the taste is too strong for you.
  4. Saline rinses can also help relieve congestion. Using a neti pot when you are ill can make it much easier to breathe. No, it does not feel the same as when you get water in your nose when swimming – as long as you have the correct mixture of salt, baking soda and water.  You can find good recipes online. Here is one we found at WedMD.com.

Of course, we recommend calling your health care provider before trying any home remedies for illnesses.  You may need more than just some cinnamon and apple cider vinegar in some cases.  Call us at [astPhone] with any questions about your health insurance and how it will protect you this cold season.


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