4 Keys to Helping Your Kids With Their Homework

4 Keys to Helping Your Kids With Their Homework

Experts agree that children’s education can have a large impact on their success and well-being later in life. But sometimes, parents or guardians might not know exactly what their role should be, or how to help.


The Department of Education suggests the following four principles to help your children remain motivated, informed and supported so they can succeed:
    • Show that you think homework and education are important. Children get many of their values from the example that adults set, so it’s important to make sure they see you taking their homework seriously. Set aside a specific time (and maybe even a place) for homework. Make sure all distractions—including television, music, and unrelated computer programs or apps—have been turned off so your child can concentrate.


    • Monitor assignments. Sometimes, it may be difficult to get children to open up about their school days. However, it’s important to make a consistent habit of doing so. Make sure you know what your child has been assigned, when it’s due and what progress he or she has made. Also, make sure to look over completed work and provide guidance if your child has rushed through the assignment or failed to follow directions.


    • Provide guidance. Part of helping your child become a good student is making sure he or she is capable of managing homework even if you’re not around. Discuss and encourage good organizational and study habits. Ask about assignments to make sure your child understands them and that he or she has thought through the steps necessary to complete them. Be on the lookout for signs of frustration or discouragement, and don’t forget to praise your child’s successes.


    • Talk with teachers to resolve problems. If you do have concerns, make it a point to talk to your child’s teacher. He or she might not be aware of your child’s struggles, especially if they’re occurring outside of the classroom. Don’t be afraid to ask for the teacher’s advice, either. Most educators are happy to work with parents.


    Follow these steps, and you’ll be providing your child with the best chance he or she has to tackle homework with confidence and the resources they need to succeed.

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