6 Spring Clean-up Tips for Your Lawn and Garden

6 Spring Clean-up Tips for Your Lawn and Garden

Now that March has come and gone with its lions and lambs, you may be ready to start that spring lawn care. You may walk outside and feel overwhelmed with all there is to do in order to make your property look its best this spring. Where do you start?  Here are a few tips to get your lawn and garden areas back in shape:Garden Mulch

  • Clean your garden tools – using properly cleaned and lubricated tools can make your job much easier and safer. Sharpen dull blades and check for rust on your hand held tools. Check all power equipment to make sure it is also in working order.
  • Cut back plants, shrubs and trees – take time to determine what still needs to be cut back and what should be left the way it is. You may want to shape some of your shrubs or trees now and reshape them later again once their leaves start to come in.
  • Dethatch lawn and beds – remove dead runners that could cause a problem with aeration of your soil.
  • Have your soil tested and fertilize properly – now is the perfect time to find out what type of soil you have so you can find the right way to fertilize throughout the season.
  • Wash lawn chairs and outdoor toys – make sure all your outdoor items are clean and ready to take on the next few warm months.
  • Make a plan – now that your property is all fresh and clean, you can make a plan for what you would like to do with it. Draw up a sketch of the garden you’ve always wanted or the placement of your new garden shed. Having a plan will help make your landscaping tasks a whole lot easier.

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