8 Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

8 Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

During the fall and winter, your home can serve as a warm place for pests- like termites, flies, mice, and squirrels- to nest. Still, when pests invade, they can cause property damage and even make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. To keep pest-free, keep a few of the following tips in mind:

  1. Have a pest control service treat the home with pesticide spray at regular intervals.
  2. Use traps or poisons to catch larger pests like mice or rats. Human traps are available.
  3. Regularly clean and sanitize your home. Pests might invade your home to locate a course or nourishment like improperly stored, discarded, or spoiled food. Other sources of food for pests include live plants, trash, human waste, and cookie residue.
  4. Keep entryways- like doors, windows, and fireplaces flues- closed when you aren’t using them.
  5. Check the seals around doors, windows, gas lines, appliance hookups, plumbing lines, foundation, and eaves for damage.
  6. Locate and fill any cracks or other holes in your home’s foundation and structure. Remember even if a crack is only visible on the inside of your home that doesn’t mean a pest can’t get in.
  7. Clean your trash can and other storage bins regularly to wash away grime.
  8. Flush your plumbing periodically to clear away grime and clogs that can serve as breeding grounds for larvae growth.

Be sure to keep yourself and others safe in your home by avoiding providing pests with shelter, breeding access, and nourishment.

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