All about personal drones…

All about personal drones…

Have you jumped on the latest bandwagon that includes a remote control and a quadcopter soaring over your property?  If so, you might want to read up on the rules in your area to make sure you are within limits and not breaking any laws.  As of December 2015 when personal drone sales started skyrocketing almost as far up as the drones themselves, the government made a point to pass some personal safety laws to protect everyone’s privacy.

One of the main rules involves registering your personal drone with the government office assigned to drone safety.

You can register online at for a $5 fee.  Registration includes your full name, physical address, and email address.
Not all personal drones need to be registered.  Depending on the weight and size of your drone, you may or may not need to register it.  According to, a personal drone over .55 pounds needs to be registered.  Anything under that weight is OK to fly without it.  As a reference, they indicate “anything heavier than 2 sticks of butter” needs to be registered.

Another thing you may want to consider is insuring your drone.

While some smaller drones may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance, you might want to purchase an individual policy for your drone if it cost you more than the limits set on your homeowner’s policy.  We can offer you a quote on an individual policy or an increase to your homeowner’s insurance limits to protect your investment.  Flying your personal drone should be a fun and entertaining experience.  Make sure you are following the rules and staying within the law.  Contact your local enforcement offices to find out whether your town or county has any additional rules you need to follow before flying your drone all over the skies.

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