Are You Plowing Snow this Winter?

Are You Plowing Snow this Winter?

If you earn money for snow plowing services then you need snow plow insurance. Lucky for you SAVA is here to help. There are three main areas where you need to protect yourself and your business.

  1. Coverage for damage or theft to the snow plow or truck.
  2. Liability associated with damage caused by performing the snow plowing.
  3. Your employees and hired and non-owned auto coverage.

If you do not have any of the below coverages you may want to consider getting them:

Business Owners Policy (BOP) – This is a package policy designed to provide broad property and liability coverage for small businesses. However you will need to meet eligibility requirements.

Hired and non-owned insurance—Business owners policy endorsement used to cover hired or non-owned autos used by the business.

Workers’ Compensation—Insurance the covers an employer’s obligations under workers’ compensation laws, which make the employer responsible for stated damages in the event of a work related injury or illness.

General Liability Insurance—Protects an insured from financial loss arising out of a liability claim by transferring the burned of financial loss form the insured to the insurance company.

Property Insurance—Line of insurance that includes many types of coverages designed to handle the risk that a person will suffer financial loss because something he/she owns is damaged or destroyed.

Commercial Auto Policy—Covers any vehicle the insured uses for work-related purposes.

Umbrella Insurance—Type of policy that provides broad coverage for an insured’s liability over and above liability covered by and underlying contract.

Our knowledgeable insurance professionals at SAVA Insurance would love to answer any questions you may have on any of the above policies.  Please give us a call today at (860) 437-7282 for a free quote.

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