Are You Ready for Some Football?

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Whether or not you love football, everyone loves a good party! Superbowl parties generally have something for everyone. Great food & drinks, comfy seating, good company, nailbiting sports, great music, and hilarious commercial breaks. Even when our favorite (or least favorite) teams aren’t in the Super Bowl, we still have a great time that night enjoying the party atmosphere.

Unfortunately, all of the excitement around the game, the late-night driving, and drinks can create a potentially dangerous situation for everyone involved. At Sava Insurance Group, we always want to make sure that no matter what type of party you’re throwing, it ends with everyone having had a great time while still being safe. To do so, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind!

As a Guest

If you’re attending a party, make sure you know ahead of time how you’re getting home. If you’re lucky enough to be able to take the day off the day after, ask your hosts whether they have a room you can stay in to avoid driving home when you’re tired and when other drivers on the road may be driving dangerously.

If you’re arriving as a group, decide ahead of time who will be the Designated Driver. Designated Drivers should stop drinking and switch to water 90 minutes before they plan to leave (the Halftime show is a great marker to remember.) If you don’t have a D.D. and cannot stay where you watched the game, never choose to drink and drive. There are so many apps for rideshare services and you can always call your local taxi services!

As a Host

Connecticut winters bring plenty of ice, snow, and slush. Be sure to clear your driveway and walkways well ahead of time, put salt down on icy spots, and make sure there are doormats for your guests to wipe their feet off.

If you have pets, put them in a safe spot, preferably a closed-off room away from party goers. You want to minimize the chance that they could become frightened, escape unknowingly, or even bite a guest as a result of the frenzied energy of a Super Bowl party.

Have plenty of food options to go along with the great drink options you’re probably offering as well! Be sure to pick up more than a couple of bags of chips for your guests. This will help your guests to regulate their alcohol consumption throughout the night. If you’re serving food, remember to keep your cold foods at around 35 degrees Fahrenheit, your warm foods at 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and don’t leave these foods out for the duration of the game.

Monitor the drinking behavior of your guests. If your guests aren’t staying the night, know who they’re designated driver is and make sure that the driver stops drinking and switches to water at least 90 minutes before they leave. Stop serving alcohol come halftime. If you can, offer your guests a place to spend the night if they need to, and if you can’t ensure that they can get another ride home.

Consider ahead of time whether or not to add some supplemental coverage. There are times when, despite our best efforts, things go awry. There’s heightened emotions, alcohol consumption, winter weather, pets, and many other factors that could cause an accident or incident to occur. Your homeowners’ policy typically covers a limited amount of liability for injuries that occur at your home. An umbrella policy could be used to provide the additional coverage homeowners should consider before throwing a Super Bowl Party. Our Sava agents have years of experience in umbrella policies and would be more than happy to discuss your individual risks and options.

For answers to all of your Super Bowl party questions, give Sava Insurance Group a call at 860-437-7282, today!

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