Avoiding Pool Safety Issues

Avoiding Pool Safety Issues

Beat the Heat!

Jumping in a swimming pool on a hot summer day is a great way to have some fun! Many homeowners have backyard pools to beat the heat. Even though having a pool may be fun but it also increases homeowner responsibilities. Here are some things to think about before making the big decision to install a pool.

Install a Fence-

Most communities require the installation of a fence around a private swimming pool. Make sure the fence has a locked latch along with a cover to protect the pool.

Pool Cleanliness-

Be sure to properly treat your pool with the right filters and chemicals. Babies are recommended to wear swim diapers and swimmers with wounds or illnesses should not be entering in the pool. Keeping up with the pools hygiene is a major aspect of having avoiding hazards.

Install Non-Slip Surfaces Around the Pool-

Having non-slip surfaces around your pool area limits the high risks of a person slipping on the wet ground. It also helps to remove any left over puddles of water outside of the pool to reduce more slipping.

Require Swimming Ability-

Be sure that all people entering your pool have the ability to swim. If a child needs assistance with swimming, a parent or guardian should accompany them for supervision. There should always be life vests or flotation devices available for the safety of the swimmers.

Storing Pool Chemicals Properly-

Keep all chemicals in a cool, dry place. They must be kept away from any fire hazards and lawn care products.

Use Drain Covers-

Every year, there are multiple reports of children getting their hair or baggy bathing suits caught in pool drains. Using the proper drain cover prevents unwanted injuries.

Know First Aid-

As the homeowner, you are responsible for the safety of swimmers in your pool. Consider lifeguarding, CPR, and first-aid courses for everyone in your family. this way everyone will know how to respond safely in a emergency situation.

Having the Right Insurance-

If you plan to add a pool to your home, you need to ensure the proper insurance. Contact Sava Insurance Group for more information on pool related coverage.

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