Back to School Safety Tips for Everyone

Back to School Safety Tips for Everyone

Now that summer is winding down, you may be starting Back to School preparations for your children.  But going back to school is something that affects all of us, not the just the kids in school. Stay safe this school year by reminding everyone in your family about these safety tips:

  • School buses- Children riding the bus should always use caution when waiting for the bus.  Stay alert for traffic and always look both ways before crossing the street.  Drivers should also be aware of busses on the road.  Avoid bus routes whenever possible and always obey the flashing yellow or red lights on a bus.  Never pass a bus on the right.
  • Pedestrians- When school is in session, there will undoubtedly be more pedestrian traffic on your otherwise empty streets.  Children walking to and from school can make your commute a bit more interesting.  Never underestimate a child’s ability to disobey safety procedures when walking on the side of the street.  As much has we would like to think our children will always cross at the crosswalk and obey street lights, it is always in our best interests to drive defensively and cautiously.
  • Sports- make sure your children are aware of the necessity of wearing proper sports equipment and following the rules of the game.  If your child is hurt, do not push him prematurely back into the sport.  Allow time for him to heal properly so that a recurring injury does not surface.
  • Internet safety- Once something is posted online, it is there forever.  This is a concept that a lot of people may not realize, but it is a good one to instill into your children.  Staying safe online is as important as staying safe in real life.

Keep your children and all your loved ones safe and have a great school year!

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