But What About Your Vacation Home?

But What About Your Vacation Home?

Did you know: it might not be enough to hold only one homeowners insurance policy if you have two properties?

Luckily, insuring your second home is easy once you understand what is needed and why you need extra protection. We came up with some quick suggestions that you might want to think about before heading to your beach house this summer-

• Chances are, there will not be someone living in your vacation home year-round. With that being said, your vacation home is more vulnerable than your primary house, so any accidents that may occur could possibly go unreported for longer. (For example, if your second property is burglarized, you may not find out about it until your next vacation)

• For the most part, we pick a vacation property because it has more than our primary house has to offer, which often means beach front. If your second home is located right on the water you may want to opt for extra coverage.

• Many of us will rent out our vacation home when it are not in use to avoid paying that mortgage for nothing. If you use your second property as a guest house or investment property, it is important that you opt for extra liability protection since you are liable for anything that happens to your tenants and guests.

We hope these tips have helped and if you have any questions, call us! 860-437-7282

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