Is your car stuck in the snow?

Is your car stuck in the snow?

If you live in southeastern CT, like we here at SAVA do, then all you’ve seen for snow this season is a flurry here and there…and NO one is complaining about that! But still, the snow is inevitable and whether we like it or not we must prepare for that dreaded commute to/from work when there’s a nor’easter in pursuit.

Have you ever gotten your car physically stuck in the snow? I have! It is no fun and of course, when it happened to me I did everything you are not supposed to do. I figured I would write a blog about my mistakes and the right way to do it so you can try to  avoid digging yourself into a horrible mess of spinning tires, mud, and snow (ugh!). IF you get your car stuck in the snow…

1. Stay calm! Yes, it is stressful, but you must stay calm.

2. DON’T spin your tires- it will only dig your car deeper and possibly damage the tires as well.

3. Put your car into its lowest gear and try backing up slowly, then move forward slowly. Ideally, the rocking back and forth slowly will help you gain traction.

4. If that fails…turn the steering wheel and again, try to back up slowly, then forward.

5. If you are STILL stuck, get out of the car (make sure it’s in park and your emergency brake is on) and try to dig out any excess snow around the tires. If you happen to have sand, kitty litter, or even a piece of cardboard, put it under the rear tires before you try to pull out again.

If all of these steps fail, it’s always good to know if your auto insurance has roadside assistance or towing coverage. Make sure to check with your insurance agent, they will be able to tell you exactly what type of coverage you have when this circumstance occurs.

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