Cars to Buy to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Cars to Buy to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The global warming scares are all around us, several different sources – whether cause groups or scientists – continue to project varying degrees of increasing climate temperatures. Thus, many people are conscious of their “carbon footprint.”

To define, carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon emissions people contribute in their everyday lives. There are several simple ways – using your car less, cooking at home more – to reduce your carbon footprint, but did you know that car manufactures can help you too? In fact, fuel efficient cars can help you save on your auto insurance.

Here are some types of automobiles that will help you reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Electric cars: Using electricity to power automobiles was ludicrous not too long ago, and it seems all manufacturers have their own line of electric car now. One of the more attractive aspects is that many still have gas capabilities, but only when the battery is low. The increase of electric cars has been so paramount that many parking garages have charging spaces at the front of the parking lot to incentivize people to buy them. The one downside is the wear and tear on the car battery, and the strain high speeds put on the car.
  • Hybrid cars: These were one of the first advancements in clean-car technology, combining electricity and gasoline to increase the energy efficiency of the car. Many have engines that automatically shut off and use electricity to accelerate the vehicle before the engine turns back on. Others can use their own power to recharge the battery so that it remains operable. The same battery concerns apply, but with gasoline still powering the car at high speeds, it does not have trouble on interstates and highways.
  • Clean diesel cars: as far as fuel is concerned, diesel is reserved usually for trucks, but regular automobiles have adapted engine construction to accommodate diesel fuel. These engines are lighter and more efficient, so it uses diesel less than a normal car would use gasoline. For that reason, clean diesel cars can get up to 45 miles per gallon on the highway. The fossil fuel emissions are similar, but they are at a lesser rate than a majority of cars currently on the road.

A majority of the human race is now dependent on vehicles and fossil fuel burning equipment. That said, consciously choosing a car that is better for the environment will help you make your contribution to create a better world.

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