Center for Hospice Care Healing Garden


Center for Hospice Care Healing Garden

SAVA Insurance Group is proud to support the Center for Hospice Care’s Community Healing Garden. The Community Healing Garden is an asset to southeastern Connecticut and is a beautiful place where the community can go to reflect on the loss of a loved one and to restore a sense of well-being. “Our family experienced, first hand, the care and services Hospice offered and we wanted to support the organization and their efforts”, said Vice President Diana Buscetto. “We love to promote this place of peace and healing that Hospice offers to their clients and families.”


In addition to its healing garden, the Center for Hospice Care, offers a complete range of Hospice and Palliative care to help patients and their families maneuver through a life-limiting illness and give them strength and support. Special programs, like Expressive Arts, Pet Therapy, Coming to the Senses, and more are also presented to grieving families. To learn more about the Center for Hospice Care and their services please take a look at their website at

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