Check for Underground Utilities Before Digging

Check for Underground Utilities Before Digging

shovel photoHave you ever seen signs on the side of a road or in fields that indicate “Call Before You Dig” and wondered about their significance? The signs indicate there may be underground utility wires or conduits in the area, so before you decide to use a shovel or backhoe to dig up the ground, you should always call your local authorities to find out more. The posted signs usually indicate a phone number you can call, but that one number might only give you information on the company who placed the sign. There may be other utilities placed in the same area.

Unfortunately, severe accidents can happen if wires are struck when digging. While preventing injuries is very important, there are also other reasons to call before you dig.

Not only can injuries happen, but you could be held liable for a plethora of losses that could occur from digging without permission or clearance:

  • the lost business a company experiences if their wires are cut accidentally
  • soil contamination
  • water contamination
  • replacement of broken or cut utility equipment
  • replacement of your own equipment that could be broken by striking something while digging.
  • and more…

The easiest way to find out what lies beneath is to call 811 or visit which is the premier call center for the United States. Your call will automatically be directed to your state’s call center where you will give all the information for a technician to visit your dig site. Avoid fines, and accidents by finding out what is in the ground you are about to dig. Also, find out what type of coverage your current insurance policy offers for accidents and injuries that happen as a result of hitting an underground utility item. Call us with any questions or concerns, and of course, call before you dig!

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