Tips for Clearing a Clogged Downspout

Tips for Clearing a Clogged Downspout

Ugh! A clogged up downspout is the worst. It’s bad enough that you’re up on the ladder cleaning out your gutters, but now you’ve come to find out that the downspout is clogged up. Alright, deep breath, you’re not going to let this ruin your day, and we’re going to get this clogged cleared and get you back to the rest of your day!

First Attempt:

  • If you have horizontal extension pipes attached to your downspouts, remove these first.
  • Place a hose into the downspout from the top opening where the gutter feeds into your downspout.
  • Have someone else turn on the water and check for downspout flow.
  • If water flows out as steady as your hose is putting water into it, you’re good. If not, move onto the second attempt.

Second Attempt:

  • Get some rags and pack them around the hose at the top of the downspout, sealing the top off tightly.
  • Open the water spigot on your hose wide to create as much pressure as possible.
  • Watch the end of the downspout to see if the clog loosens and water begins to run out freely. If not, move onto the third attempt.

Third Attempt:

  • Get a plumbing snake and feed it from the top of the downspout until it hits the clog (typically in the curve of the downspout.)
  • Clear out the clog as best you can and then run water through with a hose to be sure.


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