Close Your Summer Home the Right Way

Close Your Summer Home the Right Way

When you own a summer home, you have the responsibility of closing it up for the winter.  That process is a little more involved than just locking the doors and hoping for the best.  There are a few things you will want to do so that your home still looks great when you get back next summer.

  1. Make sure your home will be able to withstand the winter weather.  Check the roof and clean the gutters to ensure proper drainage.
  2. If you find any issues like missing shingles or cracks in the foundation have them fixed before you leave for the winter.  Small problems can become big ones very quickly when they are not attended to.
  3. Clean the entire interior.  You may want to hire an outside cleaning service if you are short on time.  It may be worth the money to save you that time.
  4. If you plan on leaving non-perishable food in the house, make sure you place it in a sealed container to keep any pests out.  Animals will be looking for shelter once the weather starts getting cooler.  Your home might be very inviting if they can smell food that is left out.
  5. Turn off the air conditioner system and place the thermostat no lower than 50°F.  Any lower than that can result in frozen pipes.  Frozen water can expand in the pipes causing cracks and flooding.
  6. Tell a year-long neighbor that you will be leaving for the season.  Share your phone number so they can call you if they notice any problems.
  7. Unplug everything that is not essential to run the house.  This includes all small appliances, power cords, clocks, etc.

Now you can lock up and leave for the winter knowing that your home is secure.  Of course, you will want to make sure your insurance is in place and will cover anything that could happen while you are away.  Call us with any questions about how your insurance will be there to protect you.


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