Create a Home Inventory

Create a Home Inventory

Preparation is the key to success in most areas of life.  When things hit us out of nowhere, it is almost always harder to bounce back than when we know what’s coming.  While having to file an insurance claim may not be something anyone wants or expects, being prepared for those times can make the process a bit easier.  One way to prepare yourself for homeowner’s insurance claims is to have a home inventory on file with your homeowner’s insurance carrier.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier to see if they have any forms or specific directions for you.  In most cases, you can just download an inventory form online and use it to complete your inventory. If a specific form is not needed, you can use a generic form like the one found here.
  • Using a camera to take pictures of all your items is a great idea.  You do not need to have a million individual pictures, but you may want to single out a few items that may be difficult to explain on your inventory form.  For example, the beautiful armoire that holds your television may not be describable in words on a form, but a picture will help give a better idea of its worth.
  • Do not forget to include items that are outside or in the outbuildings on your property.  Swing sets, outdoor furniture, siding, etc. should all be included in your inventory.
  • Group collections together.  Missing one piece of a collection can greatly impact the value of the entire collection.  Make sure you consider your entire collection as one item.
  • Submit your inventory to your homeowner’s insurance carrier and keep a copy for yourself as well.
  • Review and revise your home inventory as needed each year or when changes occur.  If a claim happens, it will be much easier to be reimbursed if an inventory is on hand.

Call us at 860-437-7282 if you have any home inventory questions or if you want clarification on coverage for certain items in your home.

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