Create a Vision Board

Create a Vision Board

vision board

Create a Vision Board

We’re still in the first quarter of 2017 so you still have time to set your short term and long term goals for the year. Setting goals is a great way to make sure you’re progressing personally and professionally. It’s easy to be motivated when you first set your goal. But, as time passes that motivation may slowly start to deteriorate. This is why writing your goals down can be beneficial. Your goal list is there to remind yourself of your goals and why you started to persue them in the first place.

Why not take it a step further? Make a vision board! You’ll be able to SEE your goals.


Take these steps to create your own vision board:

  1. Goals. Make a list of your goals – personal, professional, health and fitness, travel, short term and long term.
  2. Board. You can use a cork board, presentations board, a book, or microsoft publisher as your vision board.
  3. Visuals. Grab photos from the internet, typography from magazines, or postcards that represent each of your goals.
  4. Compile them. Pin, glue, tape, or paste them onto your board in a way you like best.
  5. Look. Look at your vision board each day to gain more motivation to reach your goals.


We would love to see your vision boards, Please share in the comments below!

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