Cut Heating Costs This Winter

Cut Heating Costs This Winter

Opening your heating bill during the winter really has a way of dampening any type of happiness you might be feeling, doesn’t it?  There is not much worse for a homeowner than paying super high heating costs during the holiday season.  Instead of putting all your money towards heat, keep some in your pocket for gift buying.  These tips will help you save some of that hard-earned money.

  • Heat yourself, not your home.  If your first instinct is to turn up the heat when you are feeling chilly, walk away from the thermostat and grab yourself a sweater instead.  You really do not need to increase the temperature of your whole house when you could get warm by putting on another layer of clothing.  Think about it: turning up the heat will warm you up, but it will also warm rooms that you are not even in essentially wasting resources.
  • Turn the heat down at night.  65° F is ideal for sleeping.  It might sound too low for you, but studies by sleep specialists have shown that cooler temperatures make for better sleep.
  • Turn the heat down when you know you will not be home.  You can safely turn your thermostat down to 55° F when you are going to be away.  Any lower than that can be dangerous for your plumbing.  If you are worried about it, you can lower it to 60° F and still save money.
  • Use space heaters and fans effectively.  Make sure your ceiling fans are turning in the right direction to keep warm air circulating.  Space heaters can keep your heat from kicking on as well.
  • Lastly, make sure your insulation is doing its job.  Your insulation is like your home’s winter coat.  If it is not on right or is too thin, it is not going to work.

Stay warm!



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