Cut Your Water Heating Bills

Cut Your Water Heating Bills

Your water heating bill is most likely one of your highest utility bills – right under heating and cooling your home – especially if you have a family. The obvious piece of advice to reduce your monthly cost is to ditch baths and take shorter showers but that’s not where the saving stops. Ask yourself these five questions.

What is the age and condition of your hot water heater?

The age of the heater could be the main reason your bill is so high. Outdated equipment uses more energy and typically requires more repairs.

Have you upgraded your faucets and showerheads recently?

Switching to low flow faucets and shower heads will reduce the amount of water used in your household, which means there is less water to heat!

Is there insulation around your pipes?

You’re spending hard earned money to heat your water – make sure you’re not losing any! Insulate the hot and cold water pipes connected to your heater and reduce the amount of heat lost. Check with the equipment manufacturer for the best way to add insulation.

Did you manually set your water heater thermostat setting?

Turn the thermostat down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature will be low enough to save money but still warm enough for everyday uses.

How often do you perform maintenance?

Perform maintenance on your hot water heater every six to twelve months to make sure it is working properly and efficiently. Check with the manufacturer for the best maintenance practice.

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