Did You Know Skin Damage from the Sun can Speed Up the Aging Process?

Did You Know Skin Damage from the Sun can Speed Up the Aging Process?

Our society thrives on its young people. However, many adults fear the day they look in the mirror and spot a wrinkle on their face. Did you know that aging can come about faster than normal if you are sitting in the sun all day? If you enjoy spending your days outside sun bathing or at the beach, you may want to rethink how exactly you are protecting yourself. Skin damage due to the sunshine can not only cause cancer and sun burn, but also play a role in a person aging sooner.

According to Dr. Alicia Zalka of the Dermatology Associates of Western CT, the best defense for premature aging is sunscreen. Although the sun’s rays are invisible, they can cause visible and irreversible damages to your skin. Signs of aging can come in the form of freckles, fine lines, and redness. These symptoms are due to over exposure to the sun with no protection.

A recent study from Australia found that the daily use of sunscreen can slow down the aging process. Even parts of the body that are covered and don’t get a lot of sun look youthful, says Zalka. These results confirm what doctors have suspected about applying sunblock. It is not only an anti-aging secret, but protects people from skin damages.

It is never too late to start using sunscreen. When you apply some, check the label for the ingredient Zinc Oxide. At SAVA Insurance Group, we hope this story opens your eyes to paying attention to your health and safety in the sun. If you feel you require more protection, then having health insurance from us may be your solution. The professionals here can help you look through your options and choose a policy that matches your unique needs. We would be happy to assess your lifestyle in order to find out what you qualify for.

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