DIY Halloween Tricks, Treats, and Costumes

DIY Halloween Tricks, Treats, and Costumes

If you hadn’t noticed all the candy lining grocery store shelves and the black and orange decorations on your neighbor’s porch, Halloween is approaching quite quickly. If you get more scared when you see the price tags on some of the Halloween costumes and décor out there than seeing a ghost, you might want to read on for some DIY projects that can make your Halloween frighteningly awesome.

  • If you have any empty toilet paper rolls lying around, you can turn them into spooky eyes that appear to be peering out of the bushes by simply cutting holes for eyes and placing a glow stick inside. Stick the whole thing deep into a low bush in your front yard to scare trick or treaters at night.
  • Make a spider garland to hang at your party by following the same directions you would to make paper dolls, except use a spider template instead.
  • Make a Vampire Bite Cake. Simply make a white cake according to the package directions. When it has cooled, poke several holes across the top with a large skewer. Make a package of red gelatin according to the directions and pour it across the top of the cake. Refrigerate until the gelatin sets. When you cut into it, the cake will look like a vampire already took a bite!
  • Turn anything you can find into a jack 0’ lantern. All you need to do is add triangular black eyes and a crooked smile to just about anything. Milk jug, apple, front door, mirror, whatever you like!

We hope your Halloween turns out to be a fantastic day! Of course, we always recommend keeping on your exterior lights and clearing a safe path for trick or treaters to avoid any liability issues. Stay safe out there!

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