Driving In Bad Weather: 3 Tips

Driving In Bad Weather: 3 Tips

Weather is unpredictable. One minute you could be stuck in a traffic jam worrying about your car overheating and then caught in a rainstorm the next minute.  When you find yourself driving in changing weather, you may notice that it is a bit difficult to navigate.  Your windows may fog up and the road conditions may change quite rapidly.

  • It is important to remain focused on the road.  If a sudden rain storm makes you nervous, take a minute to regroup your thoughts so you will be safe out there.  If you are distracted by your nerves, pull over.  If you cannot give your full attention to your driving, it could be dangerous for you and the other people you are sharing the road with.
  • One thing you want to be certain of is that your vision is not obstructed when driving in bad weather.  If your windows do fog up, turn the defrosters on high and take off the “recirculate’ setting.  If you have moisture in the car, recirculating it will only keep the fog in.  If you can, move anything that may be holding moisture (gym bags, wet umbrellas) to the trunk.  It will help keep foggy windows away.
  • If the roads are extremely slippery or the rain is just too much to see through, you would benefit from just pulling off to the side and waiting it out.  Of course, if the weather is threatening, seek shelter immediately.  And do not drive through any standing water as you may not know exactly how deep it really is.

Driving in hazardous weather conditions can be scary.  But, by following simple tips like these you can stay safer on the road, no matter what the weather is!

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