Event Insurance

Event Insurance

During the summertime, many people begin having social gatherings such as picnics and parties. Whether you’re at home or renting a venue, there are liabilities that should be accounted for. Here are some things to think about when planning a picnic event.

Do you need event insurance?

Begin with thinking about who you are inviting, where you will be having it, and what liabilities can come with this event. Consider these risks associated with parties to help you decide what needs to be insured.

Short Term Venue Liability-

If you are hosting the event on something like a town beach or park then it is important to see if you need a permit. This is evidence that you are covered for one-day event liability.

Covering Damages-

Let’s say you or a guest accidentally damages something you rented. What do you do? Are you covered? This is why it is important to check with your rental contract to see what it covers before hosting an event.

Hosting an Event at Home-

If you are planning to have a party at home it is important to know if your homeowners policy protects any liabilities. Most do not cover an event that has over a certain amount of people, especially if alcohol is involved.

Rented Equipment-

If you rent something such as furniture or a sound system make sure to read the fine print about insuring the product. Some may say that you are accountable for any damages you caused.

Liability Insurance-

If a family member or a friend gets injured or hurt during an event you hosted they may be forced to sue you. Not many insurances will cover you. Liability Insurance can cover if you are sued by providing a lawyer to defend you. Now your relationship with that family or friend that was forced to sue you is saved!

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