Exercising Outside

Exercising Outside

One of the reasons we’re happy spring starts next week is because we’ll finally be able to exercise outside.  When it comes to working out, nothing feels better than fresh air and vitamin D on your skin. It’s easy to get stuck in a boring exercise routine in the gym when you jump from machine to machine so mix things up and take your workout outdoors. You’ll have a chance to enjoy the scenic views and avoid the germs inside the gym. Grab a friend or your dog, head to your local park and get creative! There’s so much to do outside, give the full body circuit below a try and let us know where you did it and how it went!

4 rounds:

400 meter run (.25 miles)

10 full sit ups

10 burpees

10 jumping squats

30 second plank

10 curtsy lunges (each leg)


Here are four more exercises for you to try throughout the week.

Workout 1Workout 2Workout 3Workout 4

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