Extra Insurance Implications for Restaurants

Extra Insurance Implications for Restaurants

Getting into the restaurant industry is hard to begin with, but staying in it is a whole other challenge. Revenue can be seasonal and interest in your products can rise and fall with the ever-changing palate of your clients. Having unexpected expenses can bog you down, and that is where SAVA Insurance Agency is here to help.

We offer restaurant insurance as part of our niche-insurance options, helping you cover the unique risks associated with owning your restaurant. Here are some of the insurance implications you should consider when you start searching:

  1. Workers Compensation: While every business in Connecticut must have workers compensation, the risks for restaurant employees are greater. They are more likely to injure themselves or get sick on the job with the many hot surfaces and the sanitary frivolity. Be sure the workers compensation coverage is high enough for the increased amount of unpredictable claims.
  2. Product Liability: Unlike many other businesses, your customers ingest the product you create. Putting out disclaimers on menus is one thing, but handling liability claims is another. One bad dish can set your restaurant back thousands of dollars, a loss that is hard to recover from in the food industry. Talk to your agent extensively about the product liability coverage that should be in your coverage.
  3. Business Property: Restaurants have property risks unlike any other; it is one of the most likely kinds of businesses to burn down. Also, with the vast influx of clientele, the likelihood of theft and on-site liability claims also increase. Your business property insurance policy should have enough wiggle room to account for many of these perilous risks.

Don’t let your business flame out before the first flambe! For more information on restaurant insurance and how SAVAInsurance Agency can get you a delectable coverage, contact one of our knowledgeable agents or call (888) 821-4506 today!


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