Final Yard Preparations for Winter

Final Yard Preparations for Winter

Now that it is November, frost will start becoming a normal daily occurrence. If you have not done so already, you will want to prepare your landscaping for the upcoming winter season. If you have completed all the tasks we previously wrote about in our Fall Landscaping Tips post, you are on the right track! Now you will want to give your lawn one last look before Old Man Winter comes to visit.

  • Check which plants need to be cut back and which ones should be left alone.
  • Find out the proper way to dispose of your clippings by contacting your town’s recycling center.
  • Dig up any annual plants and flowers that will not come back next year.
  • If you have bulbs planted, you can protect them by placing the clippings from the plants you cut back on top of the soil.
  • If there has not been a frost yet, give your plants one last dose of fertilizer before you put the hose away for the winter.
  • Cover plants that may not handle the winter weather very well, or bring those more fragile plants indoors.
  • Check the lawn for low spots that may need some extra soil. Add the soil now so that it will be ready to handle the spring thaw next year.
  • Empty and clean your potting containers for storage.
  • Clean and oil your garden tools.
  • Blow out and turn off your sprinkler system so the pipes do not freeze over the winter.

Remember, your homeowners insurance will cover damage to ornamental plants and trees, but only if the damage is due to a covered peril and only up to the limits set forth on your policy. It does not cover damage to your lawn in most cases. But for clarification on your specific homeowner’s insurance policy and the coverage it offers, please call us at [astPhone] and ask for one of our licensed insurance producers who can help answer all your questions.

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