Flood Insurance FAQ

Flood Insurance FAQ

Whether you are just buying your very first house or you are simply curious about your flood insurance needs and options, let your Sava Insurance agent help you! We’ve put together answers to some several frequently asked questions about flood insurance to help you get started and find the info you are looking for.

3 flood insurance FAQ’s answered:

Q: Doesn’t my homeowner’s insurance policy cover damage from flooding?

A: No! Most homeowners insurance policies actually do not include coverage flood damage. Since even just a few inches of water can result in thousands of dollars in repairs, it can pay to have the necessary flood coverage in addition to your home insurance.

Q: Do I still need flood insurance if I am outside of a high-risk area?

A: Yes! Floods are the most common natural disaster across the country. So, just because you may not live in a high-risk area does not mean that a flood is totally out of the question! In fact, studies have shown that approximately ¼ of all flood insurance claims occur in low to moderate risk communities.

Q: Can I wait to purchase a flood insurance policy until I know there is a major storm on the way?

A: No! There is typically a 30 day period of time that must pass by before a flood insurance policy is officially in effect. For that reason, it is always a better idea to be proactive about your coverage and be sure you are properly protected way before you would need it! Since homes in Connecticut tend to have a threat of flooding year round (weather from hurricanes, storms, or snow melt), the sooner you get the coverage you need, the better!

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