Fourth of July Firework Fun

Fourth of July Firework Fun

The celebration of our Independence Day is famously linked to lighting up the night skies with fireworks! As the beautiful displays make us nostalgic for our youth and thankful for those who have served our country throughout the years, we often forget how much of a danger fireworks pose to us if not handled properly. A daily average of 200 people are sent to the emergency room around the 4th of July. More than half of the injuries caused by fireworks are on the hands and stomach, mostly due to handling the fireworks incorrectly. Here are some great tips to make sure your firework-filled event goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Make sure to always have water nearby: a hose or a bucket of water should be at the ready in case of a fire.
  • Do not try to reignite a firework if it did not go off. Leave it alone for twenty minutes and then douse it in water. You should also completely soak the fireworks that did ignite before throwing them away.
  • Make sure the person who is handling the fireworks is sober! Fireworks and drinking are already dangerous, do not mix them together.
  • Make sure an adult is always handling the fireworks-children should not be near them. Use caution and supervision when giving your child a sparkler, they easily lead to burns on your child.
  • While lighting the firework, make sure you are not standing directly over it. Once lit, back up to a safe distance away from the fireworks.
  • Never direct the fireworks at a person, house, or animal.
  • Finally, make sure fireworks are legal to use recreationally in your area!

With all of this in mind, we hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday weekend!

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