Great Driver Friendly Apps

Great Driver Friendly Apps

Here is a great beginner’s guide to driver-friendly apps!  With the lack of memory on our smartphones, it’s very important to select apps that are going to be the most beneficial. The dilemma is that there are so many mobile apps at our fingertips that it can be hard to decide which ones are worth downloading. If you are a SAVA client, we hope you are taking advantage of our SAVA Insurance Group Mobile App, SAVA Insurance Group Mobile App It’s the easiest way to connect with us and has great tools to share and update. In the app, you can view your bill, get auto and accident help on the spot, and more.   It is our hope that these apps will come in handy, especially in this fast-paced world we live in. But, please remember to never use your smartphone while driving – only do so when you’re safely pulled over or parked.

Here are some third-party navigation apps to consider, too.

As a community-based traffic and navigation app, Waze is all about people helping people. Waze works to give drivers a fast and convenient route from point A to B using real-time updates on traffic, accidents, and other road hazards. As drivers are out on the road, they passively contribute to traffic data in the app and help fellow drivers avoid accidents and other holdups.

For another useful navigation app, try Citymapper. With the goal of simplifying city mobility, Citymapper offers a host of features. For example, its “Meet me Somewhere” feature acts as an event invitation. With this service, Citymapper will generate a link that you can send to each guest, giving him or her instant navigation to your “event” – whether it be a dinner, party, or just a meet-up.

Similar to Waze’s crowdsourced data approach, GasBuddy will help you find low gas prices in your area. When users find cheap gas, GasBuddy encourages them to report it so that other drivers can find low prices as well. For each gas price a user reports, he or she can earn points towards GasBuddy’s prize giveaways.

And for those times when you’re stranded, HONK may be a helpful resource. Honk specializes in roadside assistance: towing, tire change, jumpstarts, lockouts, or gas refills. With a nationwide network of over 20,000 tow trucks and 24/7 service, HONK is an alternative to drivers who aren’t enrolled in formal roadside assistance programs.

Speaking of being stranded, have you ever lost your car because you forgot where you parked? The Find My Car app is designed to help you remember where your car is parked when you go to sporting events,  concerts, or other places where the lots and garages can be huge – also for those Christmas shopping trips when the only open spots seem to be on the outskirts of civilization.

These are only some of the apps that are available, so check out the online app stores for even more apps that are designed to help you get the most out of traveling. Happy driving!

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