Healthy Homes Fund Surcharge

Healthy Homes Fund Surcharge

What is the Healthy Homes Fund Surcharge?

Hello homeowners! As your 2019 policies are renewing, I am sure you have noticed a new $12 charge that was not there before: the Healthy Homes Fund Surcharge. Effective January 1, 2019 until December 31, 2029, a bill was passed in Connecticut to charge $12 on all homeowners policies, which will be collected to assist homes with crumbling concrete foundations. These collapsing foundations are caused by sinking land, water infiltration, and pyrrhotite (a mineral that causes concrete to deteriorate when exposed to water and air). The pyrrhotite was found to be mixed into a lot of home foundations, which is the main reason for the crumbling. Over 35,000 homes in 41 towns in Connecticut are at risk of their foundations to crack and separate. Once affected, the damage cannot be undone and the foundation must be completely replaced with concrete free of pyrrhotite. The approximate estimate to repair these homes ranges between $150,000 to $250,000 per home.

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The Healthy Homes Surcharge also provides grants to certain homeowners in New Haven and Woodbridge with structural damage from the sinking land and water infiltration. A program will be funded through this that will test concrete to make sure there is not anymore dangerous levels of pyrrhotite and to reduce residential health and safety hazards. Other bills are currently in the process of being passed to help those homeowners with the afflicted foundations; one of them would protect the homeowner’s credit in case they find that their foundation is crumbling due to the pyrrhotite. If you have to leave the property and default on your mortgage due to this, our state representatives filing this bill want to make sure that your credit does not go down with the home.

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