Holiday Shopping Safety

Holiday Shopping Safety

Are you a Black Friday shopper?  Small Business Saturday?  Cyber Monday?  All three days are bound to be great opportunities to snag good deals on the gifts you crave this holiday season.  Before you head out to the stores or sign on to your computer to shop, remember to take some safety precautions:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings when parking your vehicle and shopping. If you are shopping in the evening, stay in well-lit areas and use the buddy system.  If anything feels unsafe, walk to a security guard and ask for an escort.
  • Keep your money in a safe place. Walk with your purse close to your body with the zipper inward.  Keep your wallet in your front pocket.  A trick to thwart pickpockets is to wrap a rubber band around your wallet which makes it more difficult for a robber to get it.
  • Cover the keypad when entering PIN numbers at checkout or at the ATM. Put money immediately away.
  • When you decide to take a break from shopping and grab a bite to eat, keep your purse on your person instead of hanging it on your chair. Make sure it is within your sight to avoid it being stolen.
  • When shopping online, make sure the websites are reputable and have secure checkout options. Do not give your credit card information unless you know the website is safe.
  • Never give your social security number to anyone online or over the phone.

Unfortunately, there are many people who use the festive holiday spirit as a way to steal from others.  Do all you can to avoid falling victim to any holiday pick-pocketing or cybercrime.  Call us if you would like to know how your insurance will cover losses during this holiday season.


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