Insurance Resources

Insurance Resources

As an insurance agency, we are always in the midst of the most updated insurance information and news. To us, talking about insurance is a daily occurrence that we don’t even think twice about. As a customer, you may wonder where we get all our information and how you can get the same information we have. Here are some of the places where insurance agents find out about the latest insurance news out there:

  • The Connecticut Insurance Department oversees everything insurance related in the state.  You can get information on any type of insurance from their website . They have the latest on rating, laws and regulations here in Connecticut.
  • Colleagues in the industry– Talking with friends who are in the insurance industry can be very helpful.
  • Insurance websites 
  • Insurance carriers themselves – your carriers can be a wonderful asset when it comes to information. Never hesitate to contact your carrier if you have a questions or concerns about your insurance. There are many different departments to help answer anything you are curious about:
    • Loss control
    • Claims
    • Recovery
    • Workers comp
    • Health
    • Auto
    • Life
    • Homeowners
    • And more

Of course, we are here to be a great resource for you as well. If you ever have a burning insurance question and do not know where to go for answers, give us a call at 860-437-7282. We would be happy to answer anything you may ask and/or direct you to the correct resource for answers as well. Having the most knowledge possible about your insurance can be very helpful when it comes time to file a claim or find the best rate for renewal. Learn all you can and be proactive!

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