Insuring Your Food Truck

Insuring Your Food Truck

You have the most delicious menu, you picked the perfect punny name, and your food truck is looking very #instaworthy, but before you take her out for the first time, did you make sure your food truck had all the insurance it needed? We hate to pump the brakes on this exciting moment, so we’ll make this pitstop quick and painless as we break down why you need the right insurance and what insurance you need!

Which businesses need food truck insurance?

For the purposes of today’s discussion… mobile food trucks, lunch trucks, catering trucks, ice cream trucks, vending trucks, and concession trucks would all be considered a food truck.

What insurance coverage does a food truck need?

  1. Commercial Auto
  2. General Liability
  3. Workers’ Compensation

Commercial Auto Policy for Food Trucks:

Owning this food truck business has probably been your dream and your passion. We may not have had that same dream, but at Sava Insurance Group, we know exactly much it costs financially and emotionally to make your dream and your passion into a reality. You found that perfect truck, you paid for that perfect paint job, and you decked your truck out with all of the equipment it needs. You invested many hours and a lot of money into making that truck a reality, and now you need to protect it.

A commercial auto policy adds physical damage coverage for your vehicle, and it covers any permanently attached appliances and equipment. Your passion and your hard-earned money went into this truck, so let’s protect that dream for years to come!

General Liability Insurance for Food Trucks:

We know that your dream included more than just driving around in your awesome looking truck. You want to share your passion and your talent with your community. The last thing you want is for someone to have a less than positive experience when they visit your truck, but the sad truth is, these things do happen! A customer could be burned by your food, they could become sick, or there could be another reason that we haven’t thought of why someone might hold you legally liable for an accident that occurs. In the end, your financial interests would be out on the line for this, but a General Liability policy would cover your food truck in these situations.

Workers’ Compensation

If you’re running this food truck all on your own, then more power to you! However, chances are you’re going to have at least two people working the food truck at a time. If you have employees, then you probably need a Workers’ Compensation policy. Working in any food industry creates plenty of workplace hazards. Working in any automotive industry prevents many other hazards. When you combine the hazards of operating and maintaining an automobile and those of a teeny-tiny kitchen, there are really innumerable hazards that your employees could face.

Your dream probably involves sharing your passion with your community, but we’re willing to guess you also want to create a fun and safe work environment for your employees, too! Let’s make sure you have a great work environment and that you’re protected with a Workers’ Compensation policy.


Here at Sava Insurance Group, we may not have the same dream as you, but we fully understand and appreciate what it’s like to decide to put yourself out there to follow your dream as a business owner. You’ve put so much into making this dream a reality, so let’s make sure your dream is protected for years to come.

If you have any questions about insurance for your food truck or if you want a free, no-obligation quote, give us a call, today!


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