Insuring Your Winter Toys

Insuring Your Winter Toys

Here in New England, the temperatures are still cold, the days are still short, and the weather can still bring plenty of ice and snow. For some of us, all we want to do is turn the heat up, get our coziest blankets, and hide out until spring. For the rest, we’re stoked that we get to take advantage of the perfect time of year to enjoy our favorite outdoor winter activities!

Whether you love skiing, ice skating, sledding, riding your ATV, or snowmobiling, now is the best time of the year to get out there and have some fun! While you’re out having fun, we want to make sure you’re protected from anything that might leave you skating on thin ice!

If you love Skating, Sledding or Skiing…

When it comes to skating, sledding, and skiing, unfortunately, there is no specific insurance coverage for you or your family. If these items were stolen, your homeowner’s insurance could cover these as stolen personal possessions. However, if you’re hitting the slopes, skating at the local rink, or taking sleds down the hill in your backyard, you will want to speak with your SAVA agent about what is or isn’t insured and what coverage you may need to add to your own policies.

If you love Snowmobiling…

If you own a snowmobile, we cannot stress enough just how important it is that you have insurance before you use it. Of course, we want to keep you out and enjoying your snowmobile as much as possible the year, but we also want to ensure that you’re protected from potential damages to the vehicle, yourself, and others. We should also mention that, in Connecticut, you are required by law to register your snowmobile if it’s being used outside of a property owned or leased by the snowmobile owner.

Our SAVA agents can discuss with you in more detail what insurances you should have for your snowmobile, but we would probably discuss bodily injury coverage, property damage liability, umbrella, comprehensive coverage, and collision. Imagine the astronomical costs that could occur without each of these important policies!

If you love ATVing…

ATV lovers have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of weather conditions. You can take your ATV out in almost every season so long as the weather conditions are cooperating. You’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy your hobby year-round, but this year-round hobby also means year-round liability!

Again, we should mention that, in Connecticut, you are required to register your ATV “unless the vehicle is being operated on property owned or leased by the owner of the ATV.” Additionally, similar to the liabilities for snowmobiles, you have to consider the damages that could occur as a result of an ATV accident. A driver could be injured, a passenger could be injured, another driver could be injured, the ATV could be badly damaged, and an accident could occur on your property. In some cases, all of these could occur all at once as a result of one wrong turn or a slippery patch of terrain.

ATVing is meant to be a fun form of outdoor recreation, not an activity that could be more expensive than the vehicle and equipment combined. Please, do not take your ATV out (even on your own property) without the insurance you need!

Call a SAVA agent today at 860-437-7282 so they can discuss the potential risks and find the right coverage for all of your winter toys!

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