Keep Medications Out of Reach and Locked Away from Kids

Keep Medications Out of Reach and Locked Away from Kids

If you are taking regular medications, it is important to keep them out of reach of your children. Teach your family about the dangers medicine can present if taken when not prescribed. Pills are not candy. They are essentially poison that could cause serious medical issues. Keeping these items in a locked, secured place can help prevent such hazards.

If you often times have kids coming over to your house, then hiding your medication as best your can is a good option. The last thing you want is for someone to have a medical emergency. Here are some tips to keep pills and other prescriptions out of reach of young hands:

  • Children are curious. They usually put foreign objects in their mouths. Don’t let one of these items be a pill. Even if you turn your back for less than a minute, they can quickly get into things that could hurt them.
  • Pick a storage place for your medicine and vitamins where your child cannot see or reach.
  • Never leave your medication alone. If they are out on the table, take it and then put it away immediately.
  • To ensure the bottle is closed properly, listen for the click so the safety cap is locked.
  • Teach your children about medicine safety and that it is not candy.
  • If you have family or friends over to your home, tell them about your rules for medicine safety.
  • Be prepared in case of an emergency that involves medication. Program the Poison Control number into your cell phone.
  • Keep all of your medication organized and do not switch containers.
  • When you dispose of medications, don’t throw them in the garbage can. Dispose of them so that a child can’t find and swallow them.

At SAVA Insurance Group, we hope these tips help you keep your entire family safe from accidents involving medications. If you feel your loved ones require more protection, then having health insurance can provide support for you. Our team can look through your options and choose a policy that matches your unique needs. We would be happy to assess your lifestyle in order to find out what you qualify for. Come speak with one of our experienced agents today!

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