Keeping Clients Safe

Keeping Clients Safe

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So much has changed in the past few months, and while we’ve adapted our office to keep our clients and staff safe, we know you’ll be glad to know that we’re still providing the same level of service that you’ve come to appreciate and expect from us. We mean it when we say, “SAVA Cares.” We care about protecting what matters most to you, making a difference in our community, and keeping our clients, staff, and community safe. With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the changes you’ll see the next time you visit our office.

1. Masks

As in other public spaces, all visitors at SAVA Insurance Group are required to wear a face mask to inhibit viral spread. Please, bring a face mask with you during your next visit, and keep it on at all times.

2. Social Distancing

At the office, we’re practicing social distancing among our staff and clients. Every work station is distanced 8 feet apart from each other, keeping our staff safe throughout the day. Visitors to our office will also notice that we have set up plexiglass screens at our front desk and at a desk that we have designated especially for use with visitors.

3. Hand Hygiene & Sanitation

In order to maintain and encourage hand hygiene and sanitation, disinfectant and hand sanitizer are located throughout our office. We regularly sanitize our office, especially high traffic areas for the safety of our staff and clients.

4. Please Call Ahead

Please call ahead if you would like to schedule an in-office appointment to review your policy. When you call ahead, we can prepare our office spaces for your visit and limit the number of people in our waiting area to maintain social distancing standards. Our office number is 860-437-7282 to set up an appointment.

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