Keeping kids safe while playing sports

Keeping kids safe while playing sports

If your kids are big into sports, you will want to teach them how to play safely so no one gets hurt.  Even if you are new to a sport and not 100% sure of all the game’s specific rules, there are some general safety rules that apply to all sports across the board.

  • Wear the correct equipment. Each sport has a specific uniform for a reason.  Soccer players wear shin guards to protect themselves from constant kicks.  Football players wear helmets to protect their heads and necks from tackle injuries.  Check your child’s equipment and be insistent that it be worn at all times on the field.
  • Stay hydrated. The days are gone when coaches can forgo drink breaks as punishment for a lack of hard work.  It has been proven many times that staying hydrated is incredibly important to an athlete’s health.  Always pack water with your child for practice and games and make sure the coach is giving adequate drink breaks.
  • Listen to the coach. Often parents like to give coaching advice to their kids from the sidelines.  While it may be thought of by the parents as helpful, it can actually be unsafe for the players on the field.  Coaches have a plan for the team which should be followed.
  • Today’s kids often play more than one sport during any season.  With a busy schedule full of physical work, make sure your child gets enough down time to recover and rebuild between sports.
  • Follow the rules of the game. There are rules put in place to keep all play fair and all players safe.
  • If your child is injured on the field, take him to be checked out by a physician especially in the case of a head injury. There are concussion protocols in place to protect children and adults alike from reinjuring by going back to playing too quickly after a concussion.
  • Be a good sport. That goes for parents and sideline observers as well. A bad call by the ref or a loss is just an opportunity to learn.  There is never a need to throw sportsmanship aside.

Before you sign up your children for any sport, make sure your health insurance is up to date and that you will have coverage for anything that could go wrong on the field.

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