Ladder Safety Tips

Ladder Safety Tips

Walking under a ladder is considered unlucky by some, but it isn’t the worst thing you can do when you’re around a ladder. Although ladders are widely used tools, their misuse can lead to serious injury or death. Use these simple tips to stay safe:

  • Don’t use a ladder if you feel dizzy, tired or otherwise unwell. If you don’t feel well with both feet planted firmly on the ground, you won’t feel any better when you’re on a ladder!


  • Don’t use a ladder if it’s windy or slippery, such as when ice or wet leaves are present. Although a lot of yardwork in the spring and fall requires a ladder, it’s always best to wait until the ground is dry and secure.


  • Use a ladder that’s the right size and has the correct weight limit for the job. You can usually check the manufacturer’s suggested limits on the label that’s located on the ladder itself.


  • Inspect ladders to ensure they’re in working condition. If a ladder is rusty or bends under your weight, that’s a sign that you shouldn’t use it.


  • Have a second person hold the ladder in place. As you move up a ladder, its center of gravity shifts upwards and it becomes easier to topple over. Having a person secure the ladder at its base will help prevent this.


  • Place ladders on firm, level ground and away
    from hazards such as doors and windows.


  • Always maintain three points of contact on a ladder. This will help center your weight and allow you to maintain a good grip while working.


  • Climb ladders slowly and deliberately, and avoid making sudden movements.


  • Never attempt to move a ladder while standing on it.


  • If you ever feel uncomfortable working on a ladder, consider hiring a trained professional.
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