Last Minute Gift Shopping for Everyone on Your List

Last Minute Gift Shopping for Everyone on Your List

Christmas is practically here and you still have to shop for gifts for your loved ones.  No, you do not have to throw in the towel and give IOUs to everyone just yet.  There are still many gift options available to make the recipients smile with glee when they open their gifts.

One of the easiest and most appreciated last minute gifts are gift cards.  There is no shame in giving someone a gift card to their favorite store, restaurant, or other establishment they may enjoy.  Does your dad like fishing?  Stop by a local bait shop and grab a gift card. Simple, and yet so perfect.

Of course, you might want to be a bit more personal with your gift giving, and that’s ok.  If gift cards aren’t your thing, you can always make a basket of several goodies for your loved ones.  You can find a lot of treasures at your local drug store.  Make a manicure basket for your niece with an assortment of nail polishes, emery boards, and hand lotions.  Put together a basket of snacks for your uncle including Slim Jims, popcorn, and whatever you think he might like.

If you still have a few people on your list and don’t think you have enough time to get them something, don’t worry.  Think about when you will actually see them.  Maybe you can wait until after Christmas to get the gifts and surprise them later in the month.

When all else fails, the gift of your presence will most likely be enough for anyone who loves you.  Spend time with your family and friends this holiday season.  The love that you all share is the gift that keeps on giving.  Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Gaudreau Group to all of you.


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