Local Businesses Support Local Communities

Local Businesses Support Local Communities

Everyone loves the convenience of shopping in the big box stores; they have everything in the same place, right? Or hopping onto your computer and having your purchases delivered to your front door. But with all that convenience, personal relationships are lost.

Do you remember the person’s name who you spoke to on the phone? Can you drive down the street to make a return? Are you contributing to your local economy?  As a “Local” family-owned business for over 20 years, “Local” is at the core of what SAVA represents. Knowing our clients and their families, or supporting local schools and community agencies is what it means to be “Local.”

Why Buy Local?

  1. Spending money locally helps our community’s economy grow- creating a “multiplier effect.”
  2. You help strengthen local employment.
  3. You help pay for our schools and other nonprofit institutions through your taxes.
  4. You are more likely to support business owners that live in the communities they do business in and are free to make decisions based on local needs.
  5. And last but not least, you get better customer service overall.

If you own a local business, the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT has a great opportunity for you to be a part of the “Local” Holiday Shopping Trail.


Here’s How it Works:

  • Beginning on Small Business Saturday, November 24, and continuing for two weeks until Sunday, December 9, individuals can pick up a Holiday Shopping Trail passport at participating venues throughout Eastern CT.
  • Shoppers will accumulate stickers in their passports by making purchases at shops, restaurants, and other local businesses.
  • These stickers will enter participants into a special drawing for prizes, including gift cards and certificates, gadgets, or even free roundtrip airfare to select destinations.

For more information click on the link. https://www.chamberect.com/holiday-shopping-trail/


’Tis the season to get local!

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