Martin Luther King Jr. Remembered

Martin Luther King Jr. Remembered

Each year we use the third Monday in January to celebrate the accomplishments of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. whose famous I Have a Dream speech marked a huge milestone for civil rights across our great nation.  How will you remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this year?  We offer some suggestions:

  • Have you ever actually listened to the whole I Have a Dream speech?  If you have the opportunity to listen to it, you can find it on YouTube.  It is a wonderful reminder of the power of spoken word.
  • Read “Letter from Birmingham Jail”.  When Dr. King was imprisoned for protesting against civil injustice in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963, he responded to several inquiries from clergymen about his civil rights movement.  He responded to these questions by writing answers along the margins of the newspaper in which their article containing these questions was printed.
  • Take action in your community.  Find out what is being done locally to help spread the word about civil rights.  Join the cause to bring equality for all races in your area and beyond.
  • Study and learn.  There is power in knowledge.  Learn all you can about the current laws and how they really protect people.  If you find that any law does not protect ALL people, find out what should be done to have it changed.
  • If you see injustice, speak up.  Do not stay quiet when it comes to civil rights.  If you know of someone being mistreated, do all you can to help bring legal justice to the situation.  You may just save a life.

It is important to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. each year, but also to live by his words of equality and justice every day of the year.

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