Motorcycle Riding for Every Season

Motorcycle Riding for Every Season

Whether you are an avid motorcycle enthusiast, or you just started out after binge watching all seven seasons of the Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, you may wonder about riding during the colder months. While Jax Teller and his SAMCRO gang didn’t have to worry about cold weather in sunny California, we certainly do have some cold days here on the East Coast which require some preparations before you go out on your motorcycle.

First, you will want to dress in layers. A cold start to your ride in the morning could turn into a warmer afternoon that can then lead right back into a cold evening. Having the right gear for every change in temperature is important.

When you start out, remember that along with colder weather come colder tires. Tires that are colder tend to have less traction on the road. Add in slippery conditions and you can be riding on dangerous ground. Be sure to be aware and ride at a slower speed than you would on a warmer day.

Remember that the same road conditions apply to other drivers and riders on the road, too. Give yourself plenty of room between you and other vehicles so you all can see each other properly and stop when needed without hitting each other.

If you know that bad weather is approaching, skipping the motorcycle ride is not a bad idea. Road salt, cracked streets, and black ice are much more dangerous to a motorcycle rider than to a driver of an enclosed vehicle.

Staying safe should always be a top priority when you are talking about motorcycles. Enjoy yourself, but always be aware of the differences riding in the winter can carry. And whatever you do, always remember that the Sons of Anarchy’s riding styles (running trucks off the road, etc.) were just for our entertainment and not the way to ride in real life.

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