Nervous about a Presentation? Build a Confident and Loud Voice!

Nervous about a Presentation? Build a Confident and Loud Voice!

If you have organized a company meeting, this can be an intimidating event. Growing nervous in front of big crowds may be your go to reaction. To change these feelings, it is important to prepare and become confident and calm when in front of a collected audience. This way, you can present in an authentic, loud voice. Doing so can allow your employees to trust you and the direction you are taking them in.

Possessing strong communication skills as a business owner is crucial. This means you can’t only rely on visuals to get your message across. Your words are what people will be focusing on the most. Therefore, you must overcome your fear of speaking in public. Here are some tips you can follow to become a better presenter:

  • Before you begin your presentation, you should figure out what scares you about speaking in public. This can help you erase the nerves and focus on the topic of discussion. Your audience will appreciate the time you took and be able to relate to your speech better.
  • If you were selected to make a presentation based on your knowledge of the subject, use this to your advantage. Keep your mind focused and don’t worry about what the audience thinks. You are the expert here, so show them your passion.
  • Organize your presentation like a story so it makes sense. This will help with memorizing it, too.
  • Arrive early and test out all the equipment in the space. The last thing you want is for no speech to happen, which can make you look bad.

At SAVA Insurance Group, we hope these tips help you step up as a leader when it comes to presenting at a meeting. This skill can help you gain confidence in yourself and in the company. If you feel you can help steer the business in the right direction through your presentations, then having business insurance can also help. A policy like this can protect you from financial loss and liability when you get sued or if you need an attractive employee benefits package. Let us help match your business’ needs to a package so you have one less thing to worry about. Contact us today to find an option that works well for you!


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