New Year: New Insurance Resolutions

New Year: New Insurance Resolutions

With the New Year coming, you may be thinking of some resolutions to make.  If you have run out of ideas this year, may we suggest revamping your insurance policies? By reviewing your policies and making a few minor changes, you could make your coverage better fit your lifestyle and possibly save some money at the same time.

Starting with your homeowners or renters insurance, check to see what type of rate you have on your policy. If it has been a while since you have checked it, you may find a lower rate with a different carrier. But do not go ahead and cancel your policy and sign up with a different carrier right away. Give your original carrier a chance to offer you something comparable. Even if they cannot lower the rate, they may be able to find policy discounts that were not available before.

In fact, even without finding a better rate elsewhere you should find out if your current carrier can find any policy discounts or credits that you may not have been previously eligible for. If you added a home security system to your home, or filled in your swimming pool, or maybe added some wind mitigation straps to your rafters, you might qualify for a policy discount.

Same thing goes for your car insurance. If it has been quite some time since you reviewed your coverage, you may find that you no longer need the amount of coverage you have on your policy. Or you may be able to bundle your auto insurance policy with your homeowners for another discount as well.

Call us at [astPhone] to find out what we can do to lower your premium payments and get you the coverage you need with a carrier who fits your lifestyle. We want to make your New Year the best one yet!

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